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New Egypt Speedway has a long and storied history. Built in 1946 as a small quarter-mile dirt track facility, our speedway was eventually converted into a paved racetrack during the 1960s. After several years of neglect, the Grosso family rescued and revitalized the track in 1997. Because of their efforts, the Grosso family was recognized for their outstanding rehabilitation efforts during the 1998 Daytona Speedweek.

Since 2006, the car racing track has been in the ownership of Bill Miscoski and Fred Vahlsing. No strangers to racing, both owners have extensive experience with racing and car ownership. Under their guidance, New Egypt Speedway transformed into what it is today - a state-of-the-art 7/16-mile D-shaped clay oval.

On January 16th, the New Egypt Speedway began a new chapter in its storied history. Rick Grosso, Jr. signed a deal acquiring control of the central Jersey facility from Fred Vahlsing. The agreement by Grosso puts the speedway back into the hands of the family that put it on the map 25 years ago when they rebuilt it into an award-winning dirt track. Now, you can visit our car racing track in New Egypt, NJ to witness some of the tightest, wheel-to-wheel competition you'll ever see.

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